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Well, the truth is that the good girls are all at this dating site for sexy black singles.

They just don't like all those posh evening places and parties because they are looking for a relationship, not a different date every day.

So, you don't have to leave your house to find someone compatible.

Hinge, another popular dating app, also only offers “woman” and “man” as gender options.

I’ve reached out to both Tinder and Hinge about safeguards for trans people using their apps and why they don’t offer other ways for people to express their genders.

A couple of nights ago, Bromell pitched Thurst at Tech Crunch’s NYC Meetup and Pitch-Off and ended up winning second place.

Bromwell is currently trying to raise a seed round so that Thurst can hire a mobile designer.

“Everyone is welcome on Tinder,” a Tinder spokesperson told Business Insider in June. If we find that a user has been wrongfully banned, then we unban their account.

This includes instances when transgender users are reported by others, but haven’t violated any of our community standards.” Still, Tinder only offers two options for gender identification: male and female. But Tinder isn’t the only mainstream dating app that’s guilty of excluding trans people.Last year, OKCupid added expanded options for gender to include choices like transgender, gender queer and androgynous.For sexuality, OKCupid added options like queer, asexual and pansexual.In terms of safety, you at least get to know a person before you meet them for real — that's pretty important.You also get the chance to think twice before each time you reply to a message.Unfortunately you don't have a radar to detect attractive and loyal ebony cuties.

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