Pros and cons of teen dating

While many brave teens have popped the question before graduation,.Joey Fatone married his high school girlfriend after a whopping 12 years of dating! In honor of February being Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month,. Before giving your teen the go-ahead to date, its wise to consider a few ways in which dating will potentially.This is because when you are in a relationship, you experience a different person’s point of view. This means that they are aware that their actions just don’t affect them, but their significant other as well. Rather than worrying about how they look and what they say, in order to attract another, they are secure in knowing they have someone to count on. You know what you like, and what you don’t like, and you learn who you are in another person’s eyes.

However, for all of you who have already tied the knot and for your families, who are understandably worried, I would like to take an honest look at teen marriage including both the positive and the negative aspects.

As a young married couple, it is easy to enjoy the simple things in life.

But has anyone thought of the positive side of a relationship?

A well-suited relationship in high school can lead to a better understanding of an adult relationship. You also can learn to look at people through different eyes. If it’s a good relationship, it makes each person accountable.

She is the author of a new book, Loving the Missing Link, a chronicle of a young girl from a small town, which is part of the WOW blog tour.

Like her character, Julia is also a small town girl.

You may feel that you have a deeply committed relationship with your spouse, and you actually might, but older couples are likely to belittle your relationship because of your age.

As a teen, you have fewer legal rights within the system.

Whether that's true or not, one fact is clear: the rates in recent years have hit record lows.

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