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She was raised as a Catholic and attended Christian groups as a child.

But following the divorce of her parents, she was just 10 years old when her dad killed himself by taking an overdose.

In true punk rock fashion, arimba, congas, tablas drum, bongos, timpani, steelpan drums, timbales and so on—that the artist has collected over the course of his career.

Twenty years later, she was the axe-woman of ISIS — a convert waging war with her warped jihadi comrades as ISIS ravaged across Syria and Iraq.

So what drove this middle-aged mum-of-two to commit to Islamic State's evil ideology, and risk her and her young son Jojo's life by taking him with her to a region so ravaged by terror?

Hellos – We just wanted to send out a “save the date” e-mail for our world famous PUNK ROCK FLEA MARKET PHILADELPHIA RECORD RIOT. It’s going down at the usual 9th and Spring Garden Location.

Vendor registration begins on Wednesday September 16th at noon.

In a 2016 post she wrote: "I just wanna say…have a nice summer.

I wouldn't go into central London through June or July.

Jones married committed Islamist Junaid Hussain, a convicted computer hacker from Birmingham who ran a shady cyber crime group known as Team Poison in the 2000s.

He helped to radicalise his besotted and much older new wife in around 2013, and she was soon flying the flag for the jihadi cause — with the pair dubbed ' Mr and Mrs Terror'.

catsook] is a powerfully magnetic group at the forefront of a fervent world transformation in conscious music.

Cognizant in its lyrical message and veracious in its tone, KatsüK, seamlessly fuses world sounds with classical instrumentation, tribal percussion, infectious pop/folk melodies and a soaring and deeply odic quality of frontman and founder, Daniel Katsük's voice.

Her involvement in terror plots made her a US hitlist target, with claims she and her husband were behind at least a dozen planned attacks.

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