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Real Racing 3 may have put some people off from the start with the new "freemium" revenue model, but that system doesn't detract from the quality gameplay and graphics offered in this game.In many respects, the devoted players that are planning to spend hours playing and enjoy the game management of racing for R$ to finance future unlocks are getting one of the best racing games available for free.That main menu is extremely clean and easy to use, although the touch targets to change settings and view your profile are a little on the small side when played on a phone.

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To finish the game again, I’d need to acquire (and upgrade) all of those cars (and race a huge number of new races). Yes, I estimate it would cost me $3,665 to finish RR3.

I thought “maybe it’s OK to spend another $60 or so; it’s been a few years.” But as I looked into what it might cost to finish the game, I found that the economics are still absolutely ridiculous. At that spending level, though, there are some other purchases I could consider…

Here's where some criticism of Real Racing 3 comes into play: the in-app purchase system.

Because the game is free to play, the purchase of in-app currency is what provides the developers with the revenue to put the game out.

The settings menu is where you'll spend that hard-earned money.

Racing your car means you'll likely incur some maintenance and repair costs, and each one will cost a different amount.

While you'll make thousands of R$ per race win, you'll only spend R or so on common maintenance and repair.

Car upgrades, however, can be up in the thousands of R$, as are new car purchases.

(I also took advantage of some programming glitches that enabled occasional free in-app purchase items; without these glitches, I doubt I would have made it as far as I did.) Once I’d spent and could go no further without spending more, I stopped playing; was my limit.

I did keep my i Cloud save game file in case I wanted to revisit it someday. Since I left, the game has grown a lot: There are now 171 cars available, or 39 more than when I stopped playing.

With a name like EA behind it, the Real Racing series has a high bar set for itself to offer a great mobile gaming experience.

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