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That is, it makes us feel like voyeurs when looking at it, but it's so juicily erotic that we can hardly look away".About nudity in the movie, Connelly said: "It kind of shocked everyone who knows me that I wound up doing this movie, because I had always been so careful about nudity, it was very much a part of this character and I couldn't be coy or guarded or self-conscious--otherwise it wouldn't work.

About her performance, co-producer Ron Howard, who would later direct Connelly in A Beautiful Mind, said, "She not only was beautiful and seductive but gave some difficult psychological moments in the film a lot of depth and complexity.

She had an extraordinary combination of talent and beauty, and I guess I stored that information in the back of my brain".

Connelly next appeared in Of Love and Shadows, a 1994 Argentine-American drama film written and directed by Betty Kaplan starring Antonio Banderas.

In 1995, director John Singleton cast Connelly as a lesbian college student in Higher Learning.

Her father was Roman Catholic, and of Irish and Norwegian descent.

Connelly's mother was Jewish, and was educated at a yeshiva; all of Connelly's mother's grandparents were Jewish emigrants from Poland and Russia.Hand (Richard O'Brien) and The Strangers, who alter her memories and assign her a new identity.Connelly prepared for the role by renting an apartment in the building where the character lived.) is an American film actress who began her career as a child model.She appeared in magazine, newspaper, and television advertising, before she made her debut in the 1984 crime film Once Upon a Time in America.People magazine criticized the film for exploiting Connelly's body.

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