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Barbara Gordon and her alluring alter ego, Batgirl, are celebrating their Golden Anniversary this year (Note: We're going by the cover date of her first appearance in Detective Comics #359, which was January of 1967).

To help steer the spotlight toward this spunky crimefighter in the spangly purple costume, we're taking a peek at Yvonne Craig's memorable Batgirl moments in the campy and appeared in a new opening credit sequence in cartoon form and in all 26 live-action technicolor episodes beginning on Sept. Craig's sexy Batgirl was a refreshing addition to the Dynamic Duo, playing the sassy librarian daughter of Commissioner Gordon, and was featured in a number of excellent episodes, thwarting the nefarious goals of many diabolical supervillains aboard her frilly purple Batgirlcycle. "And while Batgirl is an active type, she is also very feminine.

Batman, Robin and Batgirl locate her headquarters in an old knitting factory where they're captured by the chick cops and placed in a kinky Siamese Human Knot rigged with explosives. Oh, and dont' forget about this episode's awesome army of bomb-carying mechanical mice.

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Joker kidnaps surfing champ Skip Parker, Barbara Gordon's beau, to steal his expert surfing skills using a Transferometer and Vigor Reverser.

Batman and Robin require the services of the Batcomputer and deduce the location of the Joker’s secret lair.

Escaping the clutches of Batman and Robin, Catwoman traps Batgirl and straps her down in the Cat-lair with plans to cut her into pieces with a dressmaking pattern machine.

Batman figues out Catwoman's next score will be stealing the Golden Fleece and has to figure out whether to rescue Batgirl or save the Fleece on the far side of town. It involves Alfred, the world's oldest living hippie.

The highlight of this kooky episode is seeing Barbara Gordon in a revealing black bathing suit and watching Batman and The Joker square off in a surf-off at the World Surfing Championships at Gotham Point!

Taking over the world via surfing never looked so fun! Eartha Kitt's Catwoman explodes a Hair-Raising Bomb during a luncheon recognizing Gotham City's best-dressed women to wreak havoc on everyone's perfect hairdos, then tries to steal some fancy Gernreich dresses from the fashion show.

If a girl goes on a date and a fellow gets fresh, she can’t very well give him a karate chop for a good-night. Batgirl will be aiding and assisting Batman and Robin, not constantly rescuing then.

I like that, too" The Penguin has the perfect recipe for pigeon pie as he kidnaps Commissioner Gordon's librarian daughter, Barbara Gordon, in this season opener introducing Yvonne Craig as Batgirl, complete with her hidden room, revolving walls and a far-out purple catsuit and cowl.

Olga traps Batgirl in her icehouse hideout and gets her to perform a bondaged saber Bat-dance with her hands tied, then tosses her into a giant ice kettle just as Batman and Robin arrive to save the day.

The wheels were coming off the Batman bus in this wackier than usual entry.

Batman and Robin bolt for the same scene but a sudden explosion engulfs the Batcave with thick green smoke.

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