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"Corruption and trafficking are inextricably linked - and Russia fares poorly in most corruption indexes," he continued.

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After paying back the $40,000, Blessing could keep all the money she made, the woman said.

Blessing said her parents are very poor and that the idea of going to Russia to help them and to save money for her education appealed to her. Only when she arrived, did she discover everything the woman had said was a lie. Instead, Blessing told DW, she was forced to work as a prostitute. One night, she was taken to an apartment building where one man was apparently waiting for her.

She has a message for other Nigerian girls who are offered jobs abroad: "Stay back home, learn to work.

Even though the pay is small, it is much better than coming here to suffer or lose your life." The US State Department has taken Malaysia and Cuba off its blacklist of countries failing to combat human trafficking, but has kept Thailand and Russia on it.

Despite several requests, the agency did not explain how Blessing - and girls like her - could have entered Russia on student visas and apparently disappeared from authorities' sight for years into the sex trade.

Tackling trafficking Despite legislation meant to prevent human trafficking, Russia has not shown a full commitment to tackling the problem, said Andrew Bogrand of the NGO Democracy International.They are promised a good education and well-paid jobs. Every year, thousands of Nigerian women are trafficked into Russia for sex.One woman told DW she came to the country to work in a supermarket. Traffickers told her it was to cover the ‘cost’ of her journey.Similarly, the Baltic Humanitarian Institute, another St.Petersburg university, confirmed via email it had issued documents to a would-be student from Nigeria who had never made contact to begin her course in Russia.Two years ago a woman came to Blessing's hometown in the south of Nigeria and told the young woman there was work for her in Russia.

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