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(Additional information by Edward Dawson, from Gautreks saga, and from External Link: The Gutenburg Text of Beowulf, translation by Lesslie Hall, 1892.) Skiold, or Scyld, first of the Scyldings, is the founding father of the Danes in southern Sweden, but is also a highly important figure in the list of kings of Angeln.

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Ingild and Fri of the Heaobards (Heathobards or Heathobeards) fight a war of dynastic rivalry (or inter-tribal conflict, if the Heathobards are accepted as the Langobards of western Poland) against the Scyldings.

It is a war that apparently represents a shift in power from the traditional rulers of the Danes, signalling the end of the ancient ruling dynasty and allowing the beginning of a new one which is later genealogically attached to the Scyldings (alternatively, the ancient house, whose name is lost, is attached to the new rulers to give them an air of legitimacy).

The new order is represented by the Scyldings and the Healfdena, who win the war and who possibly lead the migration of Danes from Sweden into the Cimbric Peninsula.

This puts pressure on the Jutes in the north of the peninsula, probably resulting in feuds and local power struggles (which impacts upon the Angles and minor groups such as the Germanic Rondings).

German tribes were heavily influenced by the neighbouring Celts (Gauls), some of whom live on the Cimbric Peninsula (Jutland), and possibly in Sweden.

A number of German gods and goddesses were borrowed from or shared with the Celts; for example Taran/Thor.He is sometimes called the king of Reidgotaland, whose location is disputed by scholars.Vermund is probably the Vermundus of Saxo Grammaticus in his Danish History.Either that or they were followers of Dana as a tribe and named such.Such a distinction between gods and earthly leaders is probably irrelevant due to ancient European deification customs wherein a strong leader was often elevated to deity status after death. 'Wine' means friend, so the Danes were friends of Ingvi, part of the Germanic Ingaevones.Possible dates vary from source to source, as does the order of succession on occasion, so this is an amalgamation of the available data.

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