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“Many people were using subways, which were insanely crowded,” she said.

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Snyder noted that the biggest differences were between China and others counties that were studied.

Mobile workers in China relied heavily on instant messaging instead of email.

Team members studied everyday workers in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sweden, Chicago, and Beijing.

This is the second time that the Applications UX team has undertaken a large, worldwide study of how workers use mobile devices.

For example, the consumer tablet market is on the rise, but does that mean everyone is using a tablet at work?

Traveling to where users are working and observing them in their normal environments enables the Applications UX team to determine what tools and apps workers are using globally to best support their needs, Rampoldi-Hnilo said.

The team also studies the attitudes and requirements of mobile workers on social networks, gamification, collaboration, and Many workers classify their smartphones as their most personal device, Rampoldi-Hnilo said. Users are still defining how they will use tablets.

She said Oracle team members were more likely to see people share tablet devices with others, something which they absolutely wouldn’t do with their smartphones.

When the Applications UX team ran its first series of studies, people in the United States were using smartphones in a tangential way to support their work lives, Rampoldi-Hnilo said.

They were using the calendar or contacts list, but these were all native to the device.

In a previous trip four years ago, team members visited India and Singapore, as well as other large US cities.

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