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All too often, our sex life become more about a performance and less about an authentic connection with our spouse/partner.Our sexuality is the most vulnerable part of our being and we need to approach our sexuality with humility and curiosity."I have never ever been confronted with the number of complaints we have been confronted with at Mile High Singles and their magnitude and legal action, especially 65 complaints from the Attorney General's Office," she said.

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Lindsey confirmed the goal at Mile High Singles is to sign up whoever it can for as much as it can and promise very little in return.

"They know that they are deceiving members and shame on them," said one male customer who requested anonymity.

"Our top program is $9,000," said program director Sheryl Mc Dowell. 1, what you get, is me, the Love Doctor." Mc Dowell told the FOX31 Problem Solvers and other customers, "We're extremely selective who we send out the invitation to, only 52 percent receive the invite and, of course, I look for honesty.

" But Lindsey said the 52 percent threshold is a made-up number. If you have $5 down and you can pay $50 a month, they will accept you," she said.

Really dig at their history, dig at their past relationships, feel them out," she said. A one meaning that you may have a low credit score, but you may have more than $3,500 available," she said.

Lindsey said her training included obtaining a potential client's Social Security number on their application so Mile High Singles could run a credit check to score customers from a one to a four. "A four meaning that you have a credit score of 750 or above." Lindsey said lots of customers asked for refunds, but she only knew one who was ever given his money back and that was only after he threatened violence.

"I'd say we probably got about on average, we got three complaints a day. I believe with the subpoena, (Mile High Singles is) not going to be able to produce all the records that (the Attorney General's Office wants) and I believe the Attorney General's Office is going to shut them down," Teichner said.

The attorney general has yet to take any action against Mile High Singles and as a matter of policy won't publicly confirm any pending investigation. "Although I will not substantively comment on the allegations underlying an ongoing investigation, I can say that based on what I have learned to date, I am confident that both Ms.

Sexuality is an integral part of our being in any marriage and romantic relationship.

For most of us, the messages we received growing up around sexuality have led us to feel shame, insecurity, awkwardness, and anxiety surrounding our sexuality.

If you have any questions regarding Sexuality and Intimacy Counseling at the Center for Healing and Change please call 720-204-8747 and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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