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The next day, he told her sister that she hadn't come home the night before and filed a missing persons report.Police found her body two days later using a global positioning system to track her cell phone.The couple's 16-year old son was living with his father at the time of the murder, but was not at the scene.

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He was charged with 1st degree murder, pled guilty to involuntary manslaughter and two counts of child endangerment, and received three 5-year prison sentences. The victim had her bags packed to leave the state and get away from Dan who threatened to kill her if she left.

Cinda is survived by a 13 year-old daughter and 12 year-old son. The perpetrator was charged with 1st degree murder, 1st degree kidnapping, and nonconsensual termination of a pregnancy. April Corter, 24 Strangled to death in Red Oak by her live-in boyfriend Dan Miller, 25. Nearly 20 witnesses were to testify about ongoing domestic abuse and drug use by the perpetrator. The 1st degree murder charge was pled to willful injury causing serious injury and kidnapping with a sentence of 10 years for each count. Brenda Renae Curnes, 36, Shot to death in Clinton by Edward Brown, 44, who she lived with in her home. Family members contacted police to check on her the day the bodies were found.

She had rented the apartment a month earlier when she filed for divorce. The perpetrator also shot and killed the victim's friend Gregory Alan White, 38.

The perpetrator was found guilty of two counts of 1st degree murder.

Jason had purchased the shotgun three hours earlier then dropped their daughter at his mother's home.

He called the victim's parents several times demanding to meet Michelle in a park.The perpetrator was charged and convicted of homicide by vehicle (10 years) and stalking (5 years).Cinda La Rue,41, Beaten to death in Grundy Center by Edward Neeson, 42, who she lived with. Getting up, she had an asthma attack and pulled a TV on her. Her children were in the room during the attack and were also injured. A tip from Dan's sister led officers to search 46 well sites before finding her in a well near Oakland.Her parents advised her to meet at a grocery store parking lot for safety.The couple had not lived together for 3 to 4 months. Nancy Suverkrup Allen, 46, Beat to death with blunt force to her chest in Davenport by her former husband Randy Allen, 41 with whom she lived. The victim's sister discovered the deaths two days later when she couldn't reach her.Barry Blanchard, 42, Shot to death with a rifle in Muscatine by Cathryn Linn, 43, a woman he dated.

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