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Gadgets such as remote-controlled curtains, concealed TVs and sound systems littered the house.

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In April 1970, he sold the rights to his published music for the next six years, and the stage and film rights to Oliver! Haunted by failure, Lionel was downing up to three bottles of vodka a day.

Together with Keith Moon, The Who’s notoriously self-destructive drummer, he ingested every illegal substance invented.

Jack Judge, a music-hall entertainer, penned it in a break from rehearsals at the Grand Theatre in Stalybridge, after being bet five shilling (25p) that he couldn’t write a successful song on the spot.

This article is about the city of Manchester in England.

He did not immediately fulfil her prediction: his screeching attempts to learn the violin were decidedly unsuccessful.

Despite his chart success, he yearned to have his songs performed in the theatre. It opened in Stratford in February 1959 and was an immediate hit, transferring after a year to the West End.In the Sixties, the Fun Palace — like Lionel — was the epitome of cool.His songs, including Little White Bull and Big Time, topped the charts and he was the musical genius behind the hit musical Oliver!But his fall from grace was as dramatic as his ascent, and he ended up an impoverished alcoholic living in shabby obscurity — a cautionary tale relayed in a fascinating new biography. He loved the Yiddish theatre, East End music halls, barrel organs and Salvation Army bands on the streets.Jewish folk songs, jazz, blues and Irish reels all served as musical inspiration.On August 18, 1914, the Daily Mail published a report by war correspondent George Curnock describing the march of the Irish Regiment through Boulogne in northern France.

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