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When quoting material from this collection, the preferred citation is: R. He was an ambitious and entrepreneurial young man, and in the next several years he entered into numerous partnerships - and endured more than one bankruptcy - in the city's growing printing industry.

A major turning point in Donnelley's fortunes came in 1871.

As Chicago grew in the last quarter of the 19th century, RR Donnelley grew with it.

The company was among the first American printers to consolidate all aspects of the printing process under one roof.

With the death of Richard Robert Donnelley in 1899, his son Thomas E.

Donnelley (1867-1955) assumed the presidency of the company. Donnelley's presidency was the beginning of the Lakeside Classics series in 1903.

Series XI, IXX and XX contain audio, film, video, and digital material. Researchers will need to consult with staff before requesting this material.

The collection contains RR Donnelley product samples that are preserved as artifacts in their original packaging.The younger Donnelley's talent as a salesman, commitment to quality craftsmanship, and vision of the future led RR Donnelley into the new century. This tradition continues as an annual gift to employees, customers, and friends, and demonstrates the premier craftsmanship of the company's typographers, printers, and binders. Donnelley's quest for quality craftsmanship led to the creation of one of the first apprentice training schools in the country.Appropriately, the first Lakeside Classics title was the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, "patron saint" of American printers. Boys "of special promise and ability" were admitted to a seven-year apprenticeship consisting of "craftsmanship combined with cultural studies." In creating this school RR Donnelley established an enduring tradition of training its own craftsmen.The archive contains business records, product samples and promotional material, biographical files and personal papers, historical writings and oral histories, artifacts, and thousands of documentary photographs.While the material in this collection is concentrated in the twentieth century, the content of the archive spans over 140 years of RR Donnelley's development, and contextualizes the company within both the history of printing and the history of Chicago.The outcome of his trip is one of countless success stories that came in the aftermath of the Chicago Fire.

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