Shahid kapoor and priyanka chopra dating 2016 umsonst poppen München

He revealed that he fell in love with two of them and then went on to say, “Someone very famous once cheated on me,” reported.

It’s now a much known fact now that Shahid dated Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor before getting married to Delhi-based girl Mira.

The 36-year-old actor danced between almost every segment of the show, while pulling his wife’s leg with host Neha Dhupia.

So, now we wonder who Shahid was hinting at when he made the revelation.

In another segment, ‘Say It or Strip It’, where the celebrity guests have to drop a piece of clothing if they do not wish to answer a question, the actor joked that ‘the biggest diva in the movie business is Karan Johar’.

Even though the film became a super hit, it ended a chapter about two hearts.

Some speculated Saif Ali Khan to be the reason behind it.

Recently, the actor gave us an insight into his life that made us realise how relatable his love life is to ours. His beautiful wife Mira was also there with him when he made this stunning revelation.

At Neha Dhupia's Vogue BFF show he confessed that he was in love and also talked about being cheated on by someone very famous. But this doesn't surprise us, after all the 'Rangoon' actor said in KJO's chat show that his wife knows everything about his life.

Shahid Kapoor is a very happy man who is living and enjoying every moment of his life to the fullest with his dear wife Mira Rajput and daughter Misha and his career is witnessing its best time ever.

In fact, people spoke about their breakup for a very long time even after they parted ways.

After all these sequence of incidents, Gauri made it clear that she didn't want her husband to work with Priyanka anymore, and as a result, both stopped working with each other.

• After she shared her photo on the cover of Maxim India where the actor looked flawless, it went viral, not because of her beauty but her armpits that many thought looked photoshopped without any underarm wrinkles.

He further said that the star with the biggest entourage is Amitabh Bachchan.

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