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If the work was published, it must have been first published in an eligible country and not published in the United States within 30-days of first publication. Works having more than one copyright proprietor are listed under the first owner and cross-referenced to the succeeding owner(s).

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- (1) is not in the public domain in its source country through expiration of term of protection; (2) is in the public domain in the United States due to: (i) noncompliance with formalities imposed at any time by United States copyright law, including failure to renew, publishing the work without a proper notice, or failure to comply with any manufacturing requirements; (ii) lack of subject matter protection in the case of sound recordings fixed before February 15, 1972; or (iii) lack of national eligibility (e.g., the work is from a country with which the United States did not have copyright relations at the time of the work's publication); and (3) has at least one author (or in the case of sound recordings, rightholder) who was, at the time the work was created, a national or domiciliary of an eligible country. The following restored works are listed alphabetically by copyright owner; multiple works owned by a particular copyright owner are listed alphabetically by title.

Dobro pozhalovat', ili postoronnim vkhod vospreshchyon.

Dvadtstat' let spustya Dvadtsat' shest' dney iz zhizni Dostoyevskogo.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- NIEs for works restored to copyright on January 1, 1996, must be postmarked on or before December 31, 1997, to be accepted in the Copyright Office for publication in the Federal Register. If given on the NIE, the online information will also include the author, the type of work, and the rights covered by the notice. For the purpose of researching the full Office record of NIEs on the Internet, the Office has made online searching instructions accessible through the Copyright Office Home Page.

Under the URAA, copyright in restored works vests automatically on the date of restoration. Typically, a reliance party is one who was already using the work before December 8, 1994, the date the URAA was enacted. NIEs appropriately filed with the Copyright Office and published herein serve as constructive notice to all reliance parties. Administrative Processing Pursuant to the URAA, the Office is publishing its sixth four month list identifying restored works and the ownership for Notices of Intent to Enforce a restored copyright filed with the Office. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- \ NIE's received in the Copyright Office after January 26, 1998, that were postmarked no later than December 31, 1997, will be published in the appropriate four month list. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Information available online includes: the title or brief description if untitled; an English translation of the title; the alternative titles if any; the name of the copyright owner or owner of one or more exclusive rights, the date of receipt of the NIE in the Copyright Office; the date of publication in the Federal Register; and the address, telephone and telefax number of the copyright owner.

Select the menu item ``Copyright Office Records'' and/or ``URAA, GATT Amends U. law.'' Finally, images of the complete NIEs as filed are on optical disc and available from the Copyright Office.

A work meeting these requirements is protected ``for the remainder of the term of copyright that the work would have otherwise been granted in the United States if the work never entered the public domain in the United States.'' 17 U. Researchers can access them through the Library of Congress Home Page on the World Wide Web by selecting the copyright link.

Under section 104A of title 17 of the United States Code as provided by the URAA, copyright protection was restored on January 1, 1996, in certain works by foreign nationals or domiciliaries of World Trade Organization (WTO) or Berne countries that were not protected in the United States for the reasons listed below.

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