Single plattform Offenbach am Main

Back to Index There has been an ongoing discussion whether Daumier had used paper with watermarks for his drawings.

Some authors pointed out that high quality paper would have been too expensive for him.

single plattform Offenbach am Main-84

For his numerous sketches Daumier mainly used “scrap paper or left-overs”.

In connection with the research done on Daumier’s drawings, the Daumier-Register has identified the following paper, used by Daumier in his oeuvre, which carried a watermark: DR11368 BLAUW DR 11246 DELIST DR 11223 PL BAS DR 11176 C. (beneath a crown) DR 11143 AMERICOURT FRERES DR 10836 J.

Many collectors had not been aware of this auction. The print indicates that “LES BLANCHISSEURS“ is no.33 of the series “Caricatures Politiques” (called “Caricature Politique” from September 1833 onwards).

Thus this rarity went to its new owner at a relatively low price. The total of 83 lithographs from such series used to be printed as single sheet prints, also called “Feuilles Volantes”, without text verso, to be included in “LA CARICATURE” (and later in “LE CHARIVARI”), and for display and sale in Aubert’s print shop.

There surely exist more than these 14 drawings that carry a watermark, but these have not yet been identified.

Taking into account that the Daumier Register by now found more than 1000 additional drawings compared to the existing work catalogues, the number of those carrying a watermark still seems to be negligible.WHATMAN Turquey Mills1869 DR 10719 HUDELI (HUDELIST?) DR 10641 HALLINES, HP in crest DR 10617 (HAL) LINES DR 10601 H. (Hallines) DR 10553 HALLINES, EP DR 10486 HUDELIST DR 10328 HL DR 10305 …DELIST…Back to Index Good news for the Daumier community: Daumier’s original lacquered clay of King Louis XIV has reappeared on the Art market after 47 years of hiding in the apartment of a French Art dealer in New York known to the Daumier Register. “LES BLANCHISSEURS” (DR39) was deposited with the censor as black and white print (without text au verso) on August 22, 1832.After he passed away, the sculpture, showing slight chips and minor damages, was not offered via any of the major auction houses as one might have expected, but by a small upstate New York auctioneer. The publication of the black and white and of the colored print was banned, the suspense of Daumier´s prison sentence for “GARGANTUA” was rescinded, Daumier was arrested by the police on August 27, 1832 and was imprisoned until January 27, 1833.As a consequence all specimens that had not yet left the printer’s premises were destroyed.

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