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There are other developers trying to build a secure, peer-to-peer messaging systems, including Briar and, a project co-created by HD Moore, the creator of the popular security testing framework Metasploit.

And there are other secure-centric voice calling apps, including those from Whisper Systems and Silent Circle, which encrypt calls made through the traditional telco infrastructure.

This includes everything from instant messaging tools to email services.

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The main thing the Tox team is trying to do, besides provide encryption, is create a tool that requires no central servers whatsoever—not even ones that you would host yourself.

It relies on the same technology that Bit Torrent uses to provide direct connections between users, so there's no central hub to snoop on or take down.

µTox, which is available for Linux and Windows, is a the "bleeding edge" reference design, while q Tox is the project's recommendation for OS X users and Antox is the recommended for Android.

There is no recommended i OS version as of yet, but there there is at least one client available.µTox is still rough, but the interface and experience is straightforward.

"We also posted on reddit and hacker news, and people joined from that." He probably has good reason to distance the project from the site.

The racism, homophobia and misogyny on display on the 4chan on a day to day basis would be a big turn off both for users and potential contributors.

He says the team has no plans to turn it into a company or monetize it in any way.

"No one getting paid, but we dedicate as much time as we can," he says.

4chan is known mostly as a place to share juvenile and, to put it mildly, politically incorrect images.

But it's also the birthplace of one of the latest attempts to subvert the NSA's mass surveillance program.

Eventually, they settled on the name Tox, and you can already download prototypes of the surprisingly easy-to-use tool.

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