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When he learns that Anu and Rajat love each other, he unites them and Anu and Rajat get married again.

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Alka's ex love Rajiv comes to Delhi to be with her, but Alka realises that he is not good for her and she marries Rohan.

Meanwhile, Rajat comes home and Devyani falls in love with him at first sight.

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When they get close, Aastha records them and plays the video with Neel's face blurred and only Devyani's face showing. Neel and Devyani's marriage preparations begin but, thanks to Minty's plan, Neel marries her friend's daughter Kajal (Priyanka Behera) who appears to be a sweet traditional young girl but is actually cunning. Meanwhile, problems arise between Rohan and Alka because of Aastha. (It is later revealed that he is a fake Rajat.) After a one-year leap, a terrorist has swapped places with Rajat and is living with the family.

Neel is again in love with Devyani but does not tells her. Anu is supposed to be dead but she is kept in Aligarh by a Doctor Raghav (Puneet Vashisht).

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There they rent the upper story of Shastri-ji's friend Surinder Sareen's (Gireesh Sahedev) house.

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