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The worst women in the world all seem to gather on this site.

They post over and over how they're hungry and want food or need a ride.

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That guy ended up stalking me to my work, he would costantly ask the mutual friend where i was, or what I was up to. I had to block his number due to the absurd amount of texts I got. End of the story being I had to cut ties with him, delete my tagged account, block him from my email, and block both his numbers.

Also had to Alert my work I was being stalked by this creep for nearly two months. Filled with lots of men especially black men post weed,guns,men expose private parts tagged does nothing.

if you want a ugly hoodrat, ghetto, baby momma with 3 kids, then this is the site for you.

because you will find nothing but black people on there.

It is all a popularity contest is all what pets game is.

You try to be worth the most, have the most money and most assets.

We talked, he seemed decent and we had a mutual friend in common. He purposely ran late, and ended up trying to lure me out to a secluded beach area late at night.

He claimed his phone stopped working and wanted me to search for him. He ended up coming to meet me at the coffee shop we planned, and the date was awkward.

Soon as you sign up and log in your automatically given like 15 pets and your profile is out in the open for someone to buy.

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