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As the show progressed, however, events took place throughout more modern times and places, from Cleopatra's Alexandria to Julius Caesar's Rome.

The mythology of the show transitioned from that of the Olympian Gods to include Judeo-Christian elements.

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This trope carries uncomfortable subtext: go straight or go crazy.

Or have the decency of being bisexual so you can be of proper use for men.

The Ancient Greece depicted in the show is largely derived from historical locations and customs, modifying known places and events – battles, trading routes, towns, and so on – to generate an attractive fictional world.

The settlements are presented as a mixture of walled villages and rural hamlets set in a lush green, mountainous landscape.

They are often seen under attack from warlords, and travelling between them involves frequent encounters with small bands of outlaws.

All of the main towns are named after historic towns of Ancient Greece, and exhibit some of their essential characteristics – Amphipolis (birthplace of Xena) which was burnt to the ground by Xena's army.It was one of the first shows to tap into its Internet following, allowing fans from all over the world to discuss and suggest things related to the show.The Xena fandom is still an active community today.Eastern religions were touched on as well, with little regard to accurate time-and-place concerns.One episode, "The Way", which loosely interpreted elements of Hinduism as major plot points, generated controversy, requiring the producers to add a disclaimer at the head of the episode and a tag explaining the episode's intentions at its end.See also Love Makes You Evil, Love Makes You Crazy, and Yandere for more general tropes that are closely related.

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