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Here’s why…CPS, also referred to as PPS (Pay Per Sale), is a low-risk, high-profit, revenue-sharing model used by marketers to lure an unlimited number of new customers to their product or service.

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The purpose of Commission Factory was to make performance-based marketing available to everyone and not require a steep learning curve in order to get involved and be successful.

The platform has been designed to foster a spirit of collaboration between Merchants, Affiliates and Agencies in order to grow mutually beneficial and prosperous relationships.

They pride themselves on their transparency with clientele as well as having flexible payment terms.

Revi Media also offers advertising partners access to their vast direct publisher network of over 2,000 publishers. Ad Combo is a CPA Marketing Network, that uses its own in-house technology, that allows you to customize advertising campaigns to reach your targeted audience throughout the globe.

This percentage is known as an ‘over-ride’ and is payable on top of the affiliates commissions.

But make no mistake about it, despite these fees, the benefits to the merchant for joining these networks is well worth the price.Formerly Commission Junction, CJ Affiliate by Conversant reaches millions of consumers shopping online through their affiliate marketing network. companies include Commission Junction, Dotomi, Greystripe, Mediaplex, and Value Click Media. Amazon is an American electronic commerce and cloud computing company with headquarters in Seattle, Washington.It is the largest Internet-based retailer in the United States.Affiliate networks usually charge an initial setup fee for each merchant and often a recurring membership fee.It’s also common practice for affiliate networks to charge merchants a percentage of the commissions paid to affiliates.Flex was recently ranked the eighth overall affiliate network in the Revenue Performance Top 20 Affiliate (CPS) Network 2015 Blue Book survey.

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