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Do you rely on men or women’s gift guides when shopping for the holidays? While gender-specific guides can be useful, not all men like ties or tools, and not all women find candles and lotion appealing.As a recent post on Reddit shows, generic gender gifts often miss the mark.

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After a number of years of an intensely close relationship, we mutually agreed to end it, both because we were so different, and because neither of us had entered the relationship with the idea of marriage in mind at all. I therefore found myself at age 25 in a cosmopolitan city, footloose and fancy free, with all the attributes at hand to attract virtually any woman I might want. After about a year of this, I thought back to my original relationship, the one based on shared principles and core values, decided that all of the other differences (age, interests, personalities, etc.) were pretty much irrelevant.

I think I met, was approached by, or introduced to, every woman named Buffy, Vanessa or Whitney; every woman with a classy black velvet headband over straight long hair; every woman who 'worked' at an art gallery, auction house or magazine; every woman who had 'come out' at every top debutante ball during the past decade; and every woman who looked like a supermodel. Having had this epiphany, out of the blue I charged over to her apartment where I proposed on the spot.

You could also approach mutual friends or acquaintances for ideas or simply ask the person directly.

Don’t just assume they’ll like a particularly item simply because they’re a man or woman. Need the advice of a relationship counselor but can’t find time to head to the nearest therapist?

"The first time I saw [him] wearing a dress I started hacking at it with scissors," she said.

However, in time, Anne realized she still loved Barry and supported him through his sex change. Are you still hestitant to join the online dating revolution?

That would be the best Christmas ever.”Women also receive their share of stereotypical gifts, though some find “men’s” gifts much more appealing.

“Men get electronics and interesting books and fancy liquor,” writes a frustrated female user.

I dated (and occasionally slept with) Hollywood actresses, models and heiresses. After she got her jaw off the floor and explained why this wouldn't be a good idea (and got her mother on the phone, who also explained why it wouldn't work! We have been happily married for many decades, have several wonderful children, still have mismatched personalities and no mutual interests..we still share our principles and core values, and expect to remain married until one of us shuffles off this mortal coil.

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