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Juggling all this baggage is uncharted territory for Kate, who finds support in the most unusual place - with her best friend, Meg (Natalie Morales), a party-hearty singleton and the only woman Kate knows who has less experience with kids than she.

When Bert loses a tooth and Pete misplaces it, his solution causes big problems with Jackie.

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And son Nelson may have an erotic fixation on his dad's beautiful, young spouse.

Ex-wife number two, Jackie (Michaela Watkins), is mother to adopted son Bert (Albert Tsai), and can pull Pete's strings with her special blend of neurotic, New-Ageyness.

Diane is quick to convey her withering disapproval of Kate's barely-tapped maternal instincts.

Daughter Hillary is not a fan of her new step-mom either, despite Kate's attempts to win her trust.

Referring to a spouse as a trophy wife usually reflects negatively on the character or personality of both parties.

For the husband, it has a connotation of pure narcissism and the need to impress other men, and that the husband would not be able to attract the sexual interest of the attractive woman for any reason apart from his wealth or position.It can also be used to imply that the trophy wife in question has little personal merit besides her physical attractiveness, does very little of substance beyond remaining attractive, requires substantial expense for maintaining her appearance and is in some ways synonymous with the term gold digger. One claim is that "trophy wife" originally appeared in a 1950 issue of The Economist newspaper, referring to the historical practice of warriors capturing the most beautiful women during battle to bring home as wives.Considering the possible recent origins of the term it must be noted that the term in Latin, Tropaeum uxor, appears in many scripts of both Greek and Roman origin dating as far back as the first half of the first century.Kate begrudgingly agrees to accompany Jackie to her high school reunion, not fully realizing all that it entails.Meanwhile, Pete and Diane take Hillary and Warren to visit a college campus, and Bert is left in the care of Meg and Tevin.The term trophy husband is the male equivalent, although this is rarer.

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