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The language used to describe the cause of death can reflect attitudes of the time; for example, in 1789, Thomas Justice died of ‘intemperance’.

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** For Yorkshire there are two series of Crown & Gaol Books for the earlier period so you will need to check both.

Discover your ancestor who was buried in Berkshire, England, between 15.

Deaths from illnesses There are 557 transcripts that record smallpox as the cause of death, dating from 1644 to 1902.

The decline of smallpox in the Berkshire records coincides with the establishment of the Vaccination Act of 1853, which ordered mandatory vaccination for babies up to three months old.

The amount of information listed varies, but the records usually include a combination of the following information about your ancestor: The record set comprises 830,723 records from 190 parishes in Berkshire and date from 1536 to 1966.

Please note that no images are included in these records.

If you know which English county a trial was held in and when the trial took place, use the tables in this guide to determine which of The National Archives’ record series to look within for records of the trial.

For more information about assize records, read our guide on Criminal trials in assize courts 1559-1971.

Included in these records are those of Jethro Tull, not the progressive rock band of the same name, but the 18th century agricultural pioneer.

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