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Print out these worksheets and have the guests fill out the name of the baby for each animal. Here are a few other ones that may match your theme better: Do you have a mom to be who's crazy about her celebrities?Test her skills as well as all of your guests to see if they know the name of the celebrity babies.Have each guest complete the card to share what they want the new baby to learn, laugh about, create, love, remember, bloom into, dream about, and find.

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This is a unique baby shower game that should be a lot of fun for your guests.

The answers will be titles of popular children's books but the trick is figuring out which one the question is referring too. See if the guests can match the baby/pregnancy term that most closely matches the name of a candy bar.

Printing these free baby shower games out on cardstock instead of printer paper or colored paper instead of white can completely change the look and style of the games.

You don't have to spend a ton of money on those baby shower game prizes either!

Here's an easier celebrity baby quiz that includes multiple choice items.

This is a fun baby shower game where the guests get points for the items they have in their purse. Here's a more high stakes Baby Shower Purse Game that may get a little wild.

This saves you time and money so you can concentrate on the other aspects of the shower.

Include any or all of these free printable baby shower games into the shower you're hosting and don't be afraid to make modifications to fit your theme or the mom's to be style.

One of the most classic free baby shower games is baby shower bingo.

Guests fill in blank bingo cards with gifts they think the mom will receive at the shower.

You can also write a Mad Libs yourself that's custom for the guest if you'd like.

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