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Text controls consist of text input boxes, password boxes, auto-suggest boxes, and text blocks.

The XAML framework provides several controls for rendering, entering, and editing text, and a set of properties for formatting the text. Use this info to pick the right text control to use in your app.

You can make it much faster and easier for users to enter data in your app by setting the input scope of the text control to match the kind of data you expect the user to enter.

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Text Block is typically easier to use and provides better text rendering performance than Rich Text Block, so it's preferred for most app UI text.

You can easily access and use text from a Text Block in your app by getting the value of the Text property.

For example, the Segoe UI Emoji font defines color versions of the Emoticon and other Emoji characters.

The standard and rich text controls support display color fonts.

For example, if a text box is used only to enter a 4-digit PIN, set the Input Scope property to Number.

This tells the system to show the number keypad layout, which makes it easier for the user to enter the PIN.

Rather, you use it to work with text files that are separate from your app.

You typically save text entered into a Rich Edit Box to a file. There are many ways you can get user input in your app.

Use a Password Box control to collect a password or other private data, such as a Social Security number.

A password box is a text input box that conceals the characters typed in it for the sake of privacy.

Use a Text Box control to let a user enter and edit unformatted text, such as in a form.

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