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This is the first time that Pink airs a regular season.

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Another teaser trailer was released few weeks before the show; this one featured falling flowers, and writing out "Ljubi bližnjeg svog" (almost the same one that was used for British Big Brother 11).

Auditions took part during in December 2010 and January 2011.

Her own romances have played out in public, in particular her on-off engagement to Jude Law in the 1990s.

Brad and Angelina’s was also under scrutiny, since they were first said to have had a fling while co-stars in the 2005 film Mr and Mrs Smith.

For the first time the show is marked as unsuitable for viewers under 18 years of age, but later the age limit was lowered to 15.

For the first time ever Big Brother's Big Brain wasn't broadcast.

Sienna has been single since 2015 when she ended her engagement to actor Tom Sturridge, father of her daughter Marlowe, four.

In April, Brad and Sienna were said to have been seen doing some “serious flirting” at a Hollywood dinner.

Brad’s five-year marriage to Jennifer, now 48, fell apart soon afterwards.

Veliki brat 2011 or better known as Veliki brat 4 (or short VB4) was the fourth series of the Serbian production of the Big Brother reality television series Veliki brat.

Applications were submitted via SMS, telephone call or filling out the form on Emotion's web site, while in Croatia, auditions were open for everyone, with no previous application needed. The day after, auditions were held simultaneously in Sarajevo, and Skopje.

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