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The Bot then lets you know that at 11am on each day, it will send you an app suggestion.

Telegram has more than 100 million active users monthly, 350,000 signing up every day and 15 billion messages sent daily – so they are certainly doing something right.

Bots function a little differently to humans on the app.

Wouldn’t it be cute if they had an online status, though?

While this isn’t exactly functional, it would make them feel more real.

Bots also have limited cloud storage, meaning old messages might be automatically removed by the server. They’re more than happy to chat all around the clock, but you’ll have to be the one to actually start the conversation by adding them to a group or simply sending them a message.

Telegram bots work with two different types of keyboards and several interfaces.

Telegram Chatbots are about to completely take off.

Given the huge, growing interest in the technology from within the industry of chat platforms, the team at Telegram have decided to capitalise on this early.

One of these keyboard types is associated with a category of Bots known as “Inline Bots,” which essentially give you the option of engaging the Bot in any chat you have open by typing the Bot’s username into the text input.

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