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Altmetric calculates a score based on the online attention an article receives.

Each coloured thread in the circle represents a different type of online attention and the number in the centre is the Altmetric score.

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The score is calculated based on two main sources of online attention: social media and mainstream news media.

Altmetric also tracks usage in online reference managers such as Mendeley and Cite ULike, but these do not contribute to the score.

The number of times an article has been cited by individual mainstream news sources, blog post, or member of Google along with a link to the original article or post.

News articles, blog posts and Google posts do not always link to articles in a way that can be picked up by aggregators used by Altmetric, so the listed links are not necessarily a reflection of the entire scope of media, blog or Google interest.

However, there are a few things that you can do to increase your security and privacy.

To enhance your Twitter’s account security, here’s what steps you can take: Yes, we know we keep nagging you about this one.

It works as a second layer of protection, besides passwords.

When you’ll want to login from a new device (computer, mobile), in order to verify your identity, Twitter will request you to enter another passcode.

In the recent years, we also witnessed many security breaches of popular Twitter accounts.

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