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Agron is a central character in Spartacus, appearing both as Spartacus' loyal right-hand man and closest friend.Agron is taller than average with a strong build, short brown hair and consistent dark stubble.During the events of War of the Damned, Agron has taken to wearing a set of makeshift armor fitted for him to appear unique on the field of battle and noticeable as one of the rebellion's leaders.

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Watch spartacus fugitivus online dating

This was seen when he bashes the head of a dead roman mercenary repeatedly until Spartacus has him stop.

Knowing only blood and battle his whole life, Agron is a warrior first and foremost and willing to fight until the very end if necessary.

Never having been fond of the Romans in the first place, Agron harbors a visceral hatred towards the Romans ever since he lost his brother Duro during the upheaval at Batiatus' ludus.

After the death of his brother, he goes on to become the lover of Nasir.

He distrusts Gauls and Romans in particular, but also most Syrians.

However, his trust can be gained, examples being Crixus, Lucius, and Nasir, respectively.

Agron had a strong bond with his brother and because of that, he always felt the need to protect him.

After Duro's death, Agron seeks vengeance with a thirst for Roman blood.

Following his training as a gladiator, Agron grows to become an extremely formidable warrior.

He shows impressive ability in using a sword and shield, dagger, single-sword as well in the ability to use a spear to his advantage.

Agron is also a fast learner in the ludus and brother from certain death in and out of the arena and wishes that Duro would learn to fend for himself.

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