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When you think you have found the 'right donor' you need to decide what tests etc you require- and there are usually places you can get your donor tested for free- eg in the UK you just got to your local NHS GU clinic for same day testing and results.

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If you do nothing your membership will remain live, and fees will be paid at the end of each 30 days- in this way you can access all new donors as they sign up.

You can cancel your membership and payments at any time after the initial payment ie you only have to join for the initial 30 days if you so wish.

Please note that this is very similar to a dating site- I can't guarantee anything, and please do consider if this is really right for you!

If not you may wish to use a sperm bank - many are listed in the Sperm donation directory Please support my fight to abolish anonymity Back to top FSDW now offer self-insemination kits for sale, to use after donor testing. The DIY Baby™ Ultimate Self-Insemination Kit Includes; DIY Baby™ Self-Insemination Guide Donor Agreement Document Pregnancy Wheel and Ovulation Calculator Plastic Syringe Sperm Collection Cup 10 Ovulation (Fertility)Tests (needed to more effectively time day/s to inseminate) Special offer- kit currently includes 15 ovulation test!

-Just login to your paypal account, go to History, Basic Search- Advanced Search -and put [email protected] Email for the past Year.

Look for Subscription Creation and then click on Details - you'll find the link to cancel.If he donates to a clinic (preferable but we understand expernsive) the sperm will be quarantined for six months to be sure it is safe with regards to HIV etc-ask for options at your local sperm bank/ clinic.Our members use this site as they want to know about the biological father of their child- even if there is no active involvement.We have spent a little while looking at and contacting people on the site who (mostly) have been very friendly and responded.We have now found a truly lovely guy and met him yesterday for the first time after conversing via email for quite a while.5 Pregnancy Tests - Special offer- kit currently includes 10 tests!

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