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I remember seeing The Boy From Oz and how engaging and charming Hugh Jackman was. I believe wholeheartedly that the little production we did in Ojai at Libbey Bowl could translate to a Broadway stage. Especially if I can simultaneously breathe some new, fun energy into it.

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If our show was three hours and intense and draining, I don’t know that I’d be able to do what I’m doing now.

The reality is, I have an hour-and-a-half show with no intermission.

I hope I get to work for Mel and Susan [Stroman] one day. I wish I was young enough to play Huck in Big River.

There was so much talent in that cast, but it wasn’t my fate. I would love to do a role where I get to break the fourth wall a lot.

I’m trying to get her to do another show, because I’m planning on being here for a while. How has the Broadway experience compared to your expectations of it?

So much of what I'm experiencing, like freaking out about not losing my voice, is specific to being in a musical. Zachary Levi has married girlfriend Missy Peregrym, the actor’s rep confirms to PEOPLE.But the couple also found a sly and playful way to break the news of their surprise nuptials to fans and followers on social media. I remember liking it a lot, because there were people prancing around as cats. Not because of anything that I had necessarily seen, but as much as one can be fated or created to do something, I believed that that was my fate. When I was six, we did church summer camp skits and plays, which is when I first started memorizing lines and being on a stage. We recorded it after our opening weekend, so it’s pretty fresh. The closest I ever got was when my grandma brought me and my older sister to see Cats at the Pantages, but I was so young that I didn’t really remember the experience, per se. I did a lot of theater because I loved doing theater. I mean, I can think I’m a great chef, but if nobody hires me to cook their food, then I’m probably not a good chef. I’m super stoked that we got to do it, because I know it doesn’t always happen, and especially out of the gate like this.A lot of kids—aspiring actors—come up to me and ask for one bit of advice, and I always say theater. I think a lot of young actors want to skip to the riches and fame and fortune of TV and movies, but you don’t ever learn how to build a character like you do in theater.

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