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More than 100 years old and still run by the great-grandsons of the founder, Bernard Wolski, the tavern is the prototypical American corner bar.

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When Esquire named Milwaukee the bar city of the year a few years back, Wolski’s was listed among the handful that defined the city’s drinking scene.

For those doubting Esquire’s provenance over the midwest, my mom, a native Milwaukeean, vouches for the bar as well, and for good reason.

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He and Jeff Beutner, a regular since 1978, take turns slamming the cup full of dice onto the bar.

Afterwards, they have a shot — loser buys the round.Sometime in the 1970s, longtime regulars (pre-dating Beutner) complained they weren’t getting any recognition for the long hours they were logging at the bar, so the owners started making bumper stickers that read, "I CLOSED WOLSKI’S." Since then, the world took notice, and now they hand out upwards of 20,000 each year.The stickers have been spotted around the globe, from safari trucks in Tanzania, to a restaurant in Istanbul, to the window of an abandoned storefront in a ghost town in Arizona.Longtime regulars, some who’ve been coming since the 60’s, sit at the bar and talk with Dennis Bondar, one of the two great-grandsons that own and operate the place.At sharp, Bondar breaks out the ivories for his standing game of bar dice, a Milwaukee classic.MILWAUKEE — The first time I went to Wolski’s Tavern, it felt inevitable.

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