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My remedy for that issue was by using this simple lines in the example of using send Sms Paraly-X method.

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Without the second call, PHP will call send Sms without credentials resulting in a failed attempt due to missing authentication information. This process should be done every time the cached wsdl expires, or simply a one can increase the time-to-live for the cached wsdl from We've had some problems using Soap Client connecting to an external server via Microsoft ISA (presently v.2006 but this may apply to other versions too).

We supply the proxy_host, proxy_port, proxy_login and proxy_password but the ISA server reports the login in its logs as "anonymous".

There are no much resource available on this, so thought to add this here for community benefit.

Step1: Create two classes to create a structure for WSSE headers As noted in the bug report

This could be due to something as simple as passing the incorrect parameters.

When you look at this XML: I had to struggle with a rather strange behavior when trying to consume standard Parlay X web services with no success. The problem which I faced was about an erroneous invalid HTTP basic authentication request sent to the web service.Our sysadmin believes this is because PHP is not supplying NTLN information (Windows security protocol) in the correct format (and whether it should work with proprietary proxies is of course another debate).We'd tried "username", "DOMAIN\username" to no effect.I posted in this URL full example of a nusoap web service.There is defined the server and the client who calls the web service. It should be noted that if you receive a return error : 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object.'.Alternatively, if you do want to keep the private key and certificate file separate, you can create a stream context and pass that as the `context` option: I found a good use for typemap.

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