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After months and months of soul searching and growing in my spiritual walk, I made a big decision—my next relationship will be a Christian courtship.

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In the latest news from ‘dating apps that look like Tinder, act like Tinder but aren’t exactly Tinder’, comes an app specifically for people with tattoos.

Chicago-based app, Tat Chat, is coming to an i Phone/Android near you.

You can hear FREE sample calls, see what the babes say about themselves in their profiles and best of all, if you register your phone number on the site, you can earn FREE chat minutes for every call you make!

More than three dozen children die of hyperthermia in cars annually in the United States, and more than 600 children have died in hot cars since 1998.

Here are just a few more of the awesome benefits that you can start enjoying from the moment you join Tattoo Dating.

Why we created Tattooed In 1769, Joseph Banks was a naturalist on board Captain Cook's ship, HMS Endeavour exploring the South Pacific when they discovered the island paradise of Tahiti, where tattooing was prominent and sexual inhibitions almost non-existent.

Upon his arrival in Tahiti, Banks wrote in his journal, "so much for their persons.

I shall now mention their method of painting their bodies or "tattow", as it is called in their language.

Here at Tattoo Dating we think you're pretty unique which is why we think you'll love our unique, alternative dating community.

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