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When he types one to you, it’s an attempt at flirting.

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If you’re not at all interested, we know you won’t reply at all.

And we know you might not reply to something dull like “hey.” But non-sense text tends to get a girl’s attention more and is thus more likely to get a ping-back. (Yes, intentionally misspell hate for some Kaufman-esque confusion.) Your Better Move: Your move all depends on how much you like the guy. If he’s retarded and you don’t think you can do any better, text him back. If you do like him, ping back with “ur retard.” ) Translation: Guys compete with one another to memorize the most lines from their favorite movies.

But the difference between law guys and law girls is that after law gives guys an ego trip, it takes it back.

They soon realize that being in law school isn’t getting them laid, and they’ll learn the same about working as an attorney. They continue clinging to the mythical prestige that law confers.

First, the guy might really just not care and is brushing you off.

Second, he is attempting to be aloof to make you think he’s more important and in demand than he really is.

The second is that he’s retarded and his sober language skills are that bad. The guy will have only recently met you, maybe gone out once or twice, but there isn’t a strong line of communication between you.

A non-sense (or blank) text is basically a ping, so see if anything comes back.

I went back last week to check in on things in preparation for my appearance on Here’s What to Think, and within a few hours this message showed up: Hey [BL1Y]. Somehow this article (and the entire text has been reproduced here) was too big a task for just the writer, Korrin Miller.

I meet teachers when I’m out, and nurses, and advertising execs, and marketing execs, and the occasional hair dresser etc., but I never run into hot young doctors or lawyers and I’ve always wondered if they are all married before they finish school or if they are hanging out at different bars and clubs.

Your Move: Don’t let the fact that he won’t give you an answer stop you from moving forward or getting what you want.

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