african american professional dating - Xbmc not updating library for tv shows

If SAMBA is enabled, you can also use a Windows computer to access it: \IPADDRESS\Userdata\Database Then delete the "My Videosxx.db" file After you have done one of the three options, above, reboot the machine by selecting the power button in the bottom left hand corner of the XBMC interface or by typing “reboot” at the command prompt.

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As a matter of fact, the new official logo was just released.

Sometimes upgrading from one release to another can be challenging.

Just an update that this problem is still recurring with 4.0.6. This time I corrected it by changing the source from "Movie" to "None" and then back again.

Unfortunately, I've already "repaired" both of my boxes and they now work fine.

That i dont see now when i click left button on the YATSE/ Chorus remotes.

Select which submenu you would like to see this under, Movies, TVshows or Videos would be my suggestion.

Kodi entertainment center is already in Release Candidate stage, and the final release may be out anytime now.

Kodi introduces several changes in this release, including name change from the famous XBMC to Kodi.

As always, first backup your XBMC settings and library so you can go back to it in case something breaks.

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