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Last thing I heard about Stuart was that was he was busted for drunk driving a few years ago.What keeps the Stuart/Smith marriage together is beyond me. Buck Owens has had more than a few gay rumors said about him over the years. And if you want to see 'gay', then check out the video for 'Steam'. I just picked up a VHS promo for his "Steam" single at a music store I go to (it was in the free box at the front door.) It's packaged like a Falcon video from the 80s with the oversized outer sleeve and the video cassette inside.Oh, the stories I could tell you....then who cares about this closet case?

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Was there a gay man in Nashville that Schneider DIDN'T have sex with back then? ;-)R51, I spent a summer in Nashville back in 1989 working at Opryland and spent time doing reseacrh at the library of Country Music Hall Of Fame.

Over the years, I have met such country music historians such as Ronnie Pugh (who wrote a book on Ernest Tubb), Robert K. In the interest of full disclosure, I should mention I was interviewed by biographer Margaret Jones for her book on Patsy but I am NOT quoted as any kind of source in the book. She 'married 'and divorced a guy in her band, recently. pussyhound."That's funny, because I work in the industry and I know for a fact that he was dating a male record executive Cooper Boone is hot - I'd totally do him."R44, how do you know about Chely Wright?

It is my understanding that one of Patsy Cline's personal assistants was a lesbain. I came here to post that one, but never hear any actual details. Trisha Yearwood, Mary Chapin Carpenter, and actually Carrie Underwood all "ping" to me but are not gay. I came here to post that one, but never hear any actual details."I personally don't know anything about her, but awhile ago there was some dish on gossiplist about gay country stars.

I havie only heard about the assistant in question as referred to as "Gearldine". Though I suspect them all to be gay friendly."Kenny Chesney is straight. Someone claimed that Chely was gay and lived with a gf Allow me to rewrite the second paragraph of my post at r52.

I'm waiting for him to announce he has joined Scienology and they are "curing" hime of his homosexual tendancies.

If you are Gay, Non-White or even Non-American, Country Music does not want you and the Country Music Hausfraus will not buy your music. This guy is sooooooooooo gay and yet he likes to push that "straight" image by singing songs with titles like "BIG GIRLS". He's very lucky to have a rich boyfriend who works in the entertainment field and books him into country fairs.

Sorry for all the typos and the rewrites but I wanted to be sure that I made myself clear on this subject.

Kenney Chesney is THE Closet Coward, of Country Music.

If I remember correctly, Loretta Lynn has from time to time referred to "Geraldine" in various interviews when speaking of her friendship with Patsy Cline.

One story I've heard was that Patsy's second husband Charlie Dick wanted to watch Patsy and "Geraldine" have sex together but Patsy nixed the idea because of what that might do to Charlie's ego!!!

Like anyone who likes Dusty isn't going to listen to the real thing not some idiot's tribute album!

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